Lesto Product wins the “Mito Orozov” Award

LEST PRODUCT with great acknowledgement!

The efforts of the entire team of LESTO to implement the latest technologies and equipment in the field of metalworking, to earn a worthy place among the leading European companies in the industry through the highest quality of the products and services offered, received one of the most valuable recognitions that any industrial company would be proud of – the prize “Mito Orozov” 2023 in the category of Industrial Rise awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) – Vratsa.

The award is a great honor for LESTO because everyone in the team knows who Mito Orozov is, knows how many of his illustrious contemporaries have pronounced his name with endless respect and reverence, understands what he has achieved with his skills, work and discipline for the city and for Bulgaria.

This award is proof for each one of us that the direction we are heading is the right one. Through the technological and digital improvements, we have implemented and created, together we have been able to not only improve our work, but also contribute to the professional and personal development of everyone on the LESTO team.

We hope one day to be an example for future generations, just as Mito Orozov is an example for us.

We are very grateful for the bright example of Mito Orozov!

We thank the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vratsa, for recognizing our work!