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Lesto Product is a company specialized in the manufacture of metal products for machinery and equipment, which are used in various industrial sectors around the world.

We believe the reason for our long-standing success and partnership with some of the world’s largest manufacturers is due to our united, dedicated and skilled team.

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What do we offer?

By becoming part of the Lesto Product family, you will have the opportunity to develop and gain new knowledge in a company with extensive international experience. We welcome creativity and initiative, giving you the opportunity to implement different projects.

Excellent working conditions in an international environment

Gaining priceless experience, knowledge and skills relevant to current global trends.

Motivating remuneration

We believe that hard work should be rewarded appropriately and fairly.

Working with high-tech machinery and equipment

Opportunity to gain practical experience working with advanced technology equipment.

Opportunity for professional development

We notice the hard work and desire to achieve higher results.

Creative and friendly company culture

A supportive and united team that you can take inspiration from.

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