The heart of lesto product

Quality at every step

The beginning of our company dates back to 1993, when an entrepreneur and hereditary industrialist, with a vision for the business and the development of the region, founded a small industrial enterprise for the production and installation of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Determined in his goals and mission, he put everything into making Lesto Product an internationally recognized and trusted partner in the manufacture of industrial metal components.

Today, the company is spread over an area of 76,000 sqm, including six production halls, administrative buildings, employee relaxation areas, canteen, library and green spaces.

Our commitment to extremely high quality and purity of workmanship, customer flexibility, tight deadlines, cost-effective solutions and the services we offer have earned us long-standing international partnerships with companies in Western and Central Europe. Today we are established specialists with experience in a range of industries such as rail transport systems, road construction equipment, air compressors, automated access systems, manufacturing equipment and gaming stations.

Our road to get here was not easy, but we walked it with a team of dedicated professionals who never stopped for a moment to deliver the quality and reliability our customers need. We have developed together step-by-step and met the requirements of a number of international standards. We relied on technological innovation, equipping production with some of the most advanced machinery. We celebrated all these small and big achievements together. And they made us a family.

Today we welcome the young and energetic people into this family, listening to their every word. Because we know that they see the future better, they think more globally, and they know that geography does not determine opportunities for progress and development.


Uncompromising quality, a progressive team and satisfied customers are among the main engines of Lesto Product. We strive to move with the pace of technology development, and why not stay one step ahead. We earn trust and establish sustainable relationships by providing our customers with flexibility, short and accurate deadlines and solutions that exceed their expectations, while our employees develop into a world-class high-tech company.


To provide our customers with the quality products and our employees with the high technology to feel closer to the future every day.


We believe that the pillars of any company are its people and the values that unite them.

The way we see the world and the future is what provokes us to move forward together.

Because we know that with hard work, uncompromising quality and fair treatment of our customers, we can change the environment and the business.


We believe that long-term partnerships are built on trust. That's why we strive to be a loyal partner to our customers.


Commitment is the law for us, not only to partners and customers, but also to employees within the company.


We believe that progress is led by the young. That's why we listen to their ideas, encourage their aspirations, and embrace new technologies.


The engine of any company is a united team, and we try to welcome every new member, so they quickly feel part of our family.

Customer feedback

What our clients say about us

Reliability, responsiveness, accuracy, proactive communication and excellent execution. Such characteristics mark our relationship with Lesto Product Ltd. We are glad to have such a partner with whom we meet the challenges of the day.

Lesto Product Ltd. always fulfils our order on time and provides technical assistance when needed. We intend to work together with the Lesto Product team in the future, relying on their accumulated experience, which is a guarantee that they deserve the trust of their future customers.

|ㅤSilvena Andonova and Emil Milev

I have known Lesto Product since 2012 and I could call the company “the white swallow in the field of sheet metal in Bulgaria”.

It is not often these days that you find a manufacturing organization that does not have employees focused on getting them new customers because customers just find the company.

Consistent, organized, responsible, honest, open-minded and thinking several moves ahead to support the customer – these are fitting words that represent their work over the 10 years I have known them and are fully supported by the actions of the Lesto Product team led by Mr. Gladniski and Ms. Kancheva.

I can share that I admire the fact that an all-Bulgarian company is developing so consistently and sustainably over time and share that they are treating the commitments they make professionally. We know we can rely on quality work from them, both in securing serial deliveries and in developing new products.

In the 7 years of cooperation between HP Tronic Ruse Ltd and Lestno Product Ltd, I would like to express our gratitude for the support, understanding and assistance we continue to receive from them.

|ㅤNikolai Nedyalchev



Thinking about the future

We believe that businesses have a huge responsibility to their surroundings. As a company that has spent decades developing in one of Bulgaria’s most economically challenging regions, we are fully aware of our role in fighting and working for the prosperity and development of not only the young, but everyone around us. That is why we are actively behind initiatives that can help the education, growth and prosperity of children and the entire region.


Environmentally friendly production

Lesto Product is a responsible manufacturer, both to our surroundings and to health and safety at work. We are committed to the high quality of our manufactured products, as well as to the working conditions and the minimization of the harmful impact on nature. For this purpose, our production meets the international standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001:2018), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015).