DISCRETE manufacturing

Professional manufacturing of single parts, complete assemblies and assembled products used in various industries.


Technologies, methods, and work operations.

All-in-one Job Shop – Everything in one place. We apply modern work methods and a wide range of advanced technologies in the field of metalworking, through which we guarantee high quality services to our customers and finished products with a high degree of completion.


Solutions for your industry

We offer high quality solutions for a wide range of industries, branches, and sectors of manufacturing.

Complete production of vending machines and equipment with applications in the retail industry

Single metal parts and assembled units for air conditioning systems used in the railway industry.

Single metal parts and assembled units for gaming machines and automats.

Single metal parts and assembled units for machinery, used in the automotive industry.

Single metal parts and assembled units for road construction machinery and equipment.

Single metal parts and assembled units for access systems and payment terminals.

Standards and certificates

Regulated and controlled work

The organization of work at Lesto Product is systematic and well-controlled, and the company meets the requirements of several international standards:

1000 ppm

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 9001: 2015

BDS EN ISO 3834-2

ISO 14001:2015

EN 15085-2:2020

DIN № 6701-2


Modern equipment and advanced technologies

Situated on a total area of 76,000 square meters, our production is equipped with modern facilities through which we apply the most advanced technologies in metalworking, which allows us to offer our customers consistently high quality of manufactured products and timely deliveries.

About us

Generations of progress and development

The uncompromising approach to the quality of manufactured products, proactive team and satisfied customers are among the main engines of the development and growth at Lesto Product.


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