Precise Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control at Lesto Product covers all processes – management, core and supporting activities, as well as all levels of material flow.

The Quality Control department is equipped with modern measuring instrumentation for inspection and control of the parameters of both production processes and manufactured products.


What can we offer ?

Manufacturing Capabilities

Certified Professional Staff

Internationally certified welding engineers (IWE).
Certified contractors of welding processes (Welders).
Internationally certified adhesive and coating engineers (EAS).
Internationally certified adhesive bonding contractors (EAB).
Process engineers with experience and proven proficiency in the management and control of surface preparation processes for painting.

Digital tools for quality monitoring

Quality Control System (QCS) - Paperless digital tool for accessing technical documentation, process and work instructions for every manufactured item, at every step of the production process.

“PPP” process parameters monitoring system - joint development of engineers and IT specialists of the company and the manufacturer of the “PPP” plant for full traceability and history of painting parameters.

Technologies and machines

Most Advanced Equipment

To provide quality and professional service, we rely on advanced equipment that helps us meet the high demands of our customers.

  • Tensile strength EN ISO 1520
  • Impact resistance EN ISO 1519
  • Color match CIE L*a*b*
  • EN ISO 9227 tests
  • Temperature range up to 60ºC
  • Volume 600 liters
  • Range – 2.5m
  • Zero-G balance system TESA TKJ
  • RDS hand control software
Standards and certificates

Regulated and controlled work

The organization of work at Lesto Product is systematic and well-controlled, and the company meets the requirements of several international standards:

1000 ppm

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 9001: 2015

BDS EN ISO 3834-2

ISO 14001:2015

EN 15085-2:2020

DIN № 6701-2

Customer feedback

What our clients say about us

Reliability, responsiveness, accuracy, proactive communication and excellent execution. Such characteristics mark our relationship with Lesto Product Ltd. We are glad to have such a partner with whom we meet the challenges of the day.

Lesto Product Ltd. always fulfils our order on time and provides technical assistance when needed. We intend to work together with the Lesto Product team in the future, relying on their accumulated experience, which is a guarantee that they deserve the trust of their future customers.

|ㅤSilvena Andonova and Emil Milev

I have known Lesto Product since 2012 and I could call the company “the white swallow in the field of sheet metal in Bulgaria”.

It is not often these days that you find a manufacturing organization that does not have employees focused on getting them new customers because customers just find the company.

Consistent, organized, responsible, honest, open-minded and thinking several moves ahead to support the customer – these are fitting words that represent their work over the 10 years I have known them and are fully supported by the actions of the Lesto Product team led by Mr. Gladniski and Ms. Kancheva.

I can share that I admire the fact that an all-Bulgarian company is developing so consistently and sustainably over time and share that they are treating the commitments they make professionally. We know we can rely on quality work from them, both in securing serial deliveries and in developing new products.

In the 7 years of cooperation between HP Tronic Ruse Ltd and Lestno Product Ltd, I would like to express our gratitude for the support, understanding and assistance we continue to receive from them.

|ㅤNikolai Nedyalchev


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